Beech - 4

Mrs Walshaw and Mrs Dye – year 4

The other adults in this class are: Miss Forbes

Important information for the week

Google Classrooms

Thank you all for your efforts in these strange and unprecedented times. Google Classrooms is a new platform for us as teachers and we are learning to use it as we go along so if it doesn’t work to begin with, keep faith, we’ll get there.

Setting work remotely has many challenges and will be leaving you with many questions…

How am I supposed to work from home while my child or children needs the computer? (We’re parents too so we totally understand!)

How come they have finished the entire day’s work in 5 minutes?

This work is too hard/easy…why isn’t it at the right level?

Are they going to spend all day everyday on the computer?

How do I manage this when I am not trained to teach?

First and foremost, this is a new for us all, be kind to yourself and allow time to accept our new ‘normal’. We will find a routine.

We will do our best to meet every need and ensure that there is a good balance of work online and off. This means you can still work and they are getting a balance!

You will need to check that your child is doing the work to their best ability, not just saying it is done even though they actually haven’t done it or they have done one line. Ask them to edit work, add more details etc (we often have to do this in class).

Some work will be too hard/easy at first, we are working on getting that right for all children but that will come after Easter.

Be reassured, you are not being asked to teach for us. We will do our very best to deliver a curriculum and keep learning going. Please ensure reading, times tables, spellings and handwriting happen every day (not weekends) and do as much of the rest as is feasible.

We appreciate all the work you’re going to have to do and how tough this time is for you all. If you as parents need to us, we’re here for you too.

The curriculum for this half term

Our Latest Literacy

Our Latest Maths

Important dates for the term

Reading a range of books:- We are encouraging children to read a range of styles of text.

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