Beech Class At Home – January 2021

Welcome to 2021! It may not have started quite as we may have hoped but we will be with you all every step of the way with this new lockdown. We will be continuing to support the children’s wellbeing, our families wellbeing and offering a rich curriculum for them to enjoy while they are away from the physical classroom.


Wednesday 6th January

From today onwards, all learning will be on Google Classrooms. We are working hard to get logins out and everyone should have received an email by 8am this morning. If you do not get an email, please check junk folders first and then let the office know. Don’t worry, the next few days are for us to settle into new routines and get past teething troubles.

Google Classroom Protocol – Every morning, there will be a ‘Good morning’ message on the ‘Stream’. When your child logs in, please can they come and say ‘Good morning’ on that post. This is like a register for us so we can greet everyone and see who is there. Please remind the children that the Stream is not a private ‘chat’ facility. The children are welcome to say hello or ask for help from each other but not to fill it up like it is social media please.

Once they have said ‘Hello’, they need to go to the ‘Classwork’ page. There they will find the day as a topic and all the activities for that day will be there. There will always be a ‘Daily Schedule’. Please open this first as it says what needs to be done that day and how long to spend on it. It also indicates the needed screen time so parents can plan.

If you or your child has questions, please let us know. Be aware that between teaching in school and managing our own families, it may take some time to respond to comments. The children will learn to help each other but please can you encourage patience. If in doubt, read a book. (Not quite what Hermione says but close enough!)

Reading Recommendations: Watch this space!

Information for pupils and parents about Reading Rivers, including guidance on how to complete a Reading River:

Information for pupils and parents about our School Library, including how to choose a book from Junior Librarian and how to order a book using Google Forms:

Times tables – In class, we use and love it! Today, we will be sending out TT Rockstars logins and new logins for an app called ‘Stick and Split’ which has just become available on all devices! The children have not tried it out yet in school but it is fab! Times tables can be practised equally well without a computer using games such as turning over two playing cards and multiplying the total or building arrays for the timetables using objects, Lego, marbles or beads.

Stick and Split is available here.

Spellings – This week’s spellings are here. Your child can start practising them today. These images might help them with there/their/they’re. After this week, spellings will be on Google Classrooms only.

What do I do if I have a question or need to speak to a teacher? 
Please email the school office in the first instance.  They will either be able to answer your question directly or they will forward your email to us.  
We may contact you directly from time to time.  In those situations, please feel free to reply to us directly.  
We may call you if we need to speak to you about your child.  Please can you ensure the school office has an up to date phone number.

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