Meal price – £2.30 or £2.50 for a Junior (bigger) meal.

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Autumn Menu 2017

Welcome to our exciting new menu! We are introducing  lots of new choices for your children to try and enjoy different tastes and foods. I hope that new dishes such as the Mexican Nachos, Pear and Cocoa sponge, iced apple lollys and Barbecue chicken will become firm favourites of the future!

There have been several recent articles in the press about increasing  wholefoods in school lunches. Wholefoods have not been refined or processed; fruit, vegetables, lentils, beans and wholegrains such as brown rice and oats are good examples. Increasing your child’s intake of these foods can boost their intake of essential nutrients as they  are high in fibre, vitamins and minerals and low in fat. I have developed this menu to increase the range and number of  wholefoods available for your children. Dishes I would especially recommend trying include Mexican Nachos,  Barbecue chicken with wholegrain rice salad and Wholewheat Tuna pasta bake with beans. Our burgers and chicken grills will be served in wholemeal bread rolls. Our Fruity cakes, Mango and Banana and Pear and Cocoa will also be a healthy and delicious dessert!

The other key nutrient I have looked at in this menu is Iron. Many studies show children are not eating enough of this important nutrient. Iron strengthens the body’s resistance to infection and a deficiency can cause tiredness, poor sleep and  headaches. Deficiency in children has been linked to slower intellectual development and poor behaviour. Foods such as meat, fish, eggs and beans are high in Iron.  

Our butcher, Reynolds in Exmouth, will be providing us with the Gammon & Pork for our popular roast days and our fruit and vegetables arrive each week from our local high street grocer CJB. We offer a daily selection of fresh fruit as an alternative to the dessert on the menu and for tuck. All our fish is MSC sourced.

If you have a child with a food allergy please do arrange to pop into the kitchen for a chat and we will do our best to accommodate them. If you would like  a copy of the full allergen analysis please see me for details it is kept in the kitchen if you would like to check anything.

As always I am happy to receive any feedback from parents and children especially on the new menu, we can and do make changes following feedback so please do get in touch! Thank you for your continuing support.

Juliette Smith

Catering Manager


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