What acid and sugar do to your teeth.....

In Ash class this week, following our visit from Dr Maurice Sims at Ashbury Dental Care, we conducted an experiment to test the affects on eggs of being immersed in water, Coca Cola and vinegar. We were also given a real human tooth to experiment with. We found that the eggs became discoloured after just a few hours. At the end of the five days the human tooth, which we had left in Coca Cola, was black and showing signs of decay. The shell of the egg which had been in the Coca Cola was brown and had become thin and brittle, while the shell of the egg in vinegar had become soft and rubbery. The egg in water was unchanged and still in perfect condition. This gave us all a very clear, visual message about what can happen to our teeth if we make the wrong choices and don’t look after them properly.




In they go!


Eating away at the egg shell!



jan 2016 213.JPG
jan 2016 211.JPG

Yuck! Imagine it doing that to your teeth!

jan 2016 209.JPG

Look what it did to the egg!!!

jan 2016 208.JPG
jan 2016 207.JPG

Vinegar in....

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