20150626_152918We currently have waiting lists for some year groups. Please contact us to find out exact availability.

If you are unsure about any aspect of the admission process, please click here – Devon Admissions – ring either Devon’s Education Helpline on 0845 155 1019  or our school for clarification or advice.

Admission into the Reception Class

If you are applying for a place to start with us in September, in our Reception class, please telephone the Education Helpline on 0345 155 1019.

Admission during the school year

If you require a place for your child to start you should complete your Local Authorities’ application form for ‘in year admission’.  Devon’s form can be found here.  The completed form can be submitted by email to or by post to the School Admissions Service, Room L102, County Hall, Exeter EX2 4QG.  It is helpful to our school if you also let us know that you are applying for a place.

You can also contact Devon County Admissions on 0845 155 1019

Catchment Area

Our school’s catchment area can be viewed at online at  Our children come from inside and outside our catchment area so if you like our school, apply whether or not you are within catchment.

What happens next?

The Local Authority co-ordinates admissions for primary schools.  If there are fewer applications than places then no application will be refused. If however there are more applications for our school than places, the governing body will prioritise these according to the over subscription criteria as detailed in our Admissions Policy.  The Local Authority will then look at all applications and offer a place on behalf of the school that has spaces that you preferred the most – or at another school if none of the schools you asked for had room.

Supplementary Form

If you wish to make your application on religious grounds, you must complete our supplementary information form (see below).  There are two parts to this;  the first for parents to complete and the second for your vicar / priest / minister / faith leader or church officer to complete. This will establish that your child qualifies for additional priority on faith grounds.

What if an application is refused?

In all cases, a parent who is refused a place here or at any other school has a statutory right of appeal to an Independent Appeals Panel. This will review the decision and will decide whether the refusal was justified. Even if the Appeals Panel agrees that the school was full, it will also consider the impact on the child and family and may still award a place at the school.

We organise our Reception and Key Stage One children into classes of 30. This is the legal maximum number of children allowed in a Key Stage One class with one qualified teacher. There are very limited exceptions which would allow a school to exceed 30 children in a Key Stage One class. Any appeal for a place here is subject to Key Stage One or Infant Class Size Legislation; a more limited form of appeal.

Waiting lists

We do currently have a waiting list.

A child refused a place will be automatically entered onto a waiting list for vacancies. This will be kept either until a place is available or the parent no longer wishes to stay on the waiting list. Lists are kept in over subscription order and are not affected by the length of time a child has been on the list. A child’s place may rise or fall on the list as places are offered and new applications are made. The waiting list will be administered by the County Admissions Team with a copy being held here at the school.  If you wish to remain on our waiting list, let us know at regular intervals, for example termly.

Our admissions policies

Admissions policies for schools are reviewed every year so that they stay up to date. Below you will see links to our admissions policies.

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