Olive - 5

Mr D’Souza – Year 5

The other adults in this class are: Miss Forbes and Miss Beckett.

Important information for the week

A Brilliant Start to Year 5: I have been pushing the children hard these last two weeks, and they have risen to the new challenges demanded by Year 5. This has been fantastic to see, and I’ve felt particularly proud at the way they’ve settled back in and responded to the level of work we’ve been doing.

Homework Week 3: Last week’s homework was phenomenal, so much so that I immediately emailed Mr Hitchcock to come and look at what the class had produced for their home learning. This was amazing to see – well done to all. I will usually give two weeks for a homework task and try to pitch the activites so that they’ll take about 30-45 minutes to complete, involving a mix of skills and hopefully kindling a sense of curiosity in the children. Thank you so much for helping to facilitate this effort – the homework for Weeks 3-4 is to draw a labelled diagram of the solar system, to hand in on Thursday 26th September. Details here:

Medication: I have received most of the children’s medication, but if your child requires an inhaler, epi-pen, tablets, etc please remember to bring it in for Mr D’Souza to put in the First Aid boxes.

PE Kit and Swimming: Olive and Ash class swim on a Friday afternoon. Please do send children in on Friday with the appropriate kit. Olive will be doing PE on Thursdays.

The curriculum for this term

The topics this term will be Animals and Humans, Earth and Space, and The British Empire. Please click the link below for further details of the topics and what’s planned for other subjects.

Important dates for the termClass Photo: Thursday 5th September

Parent Welcome Talk: Tuesday 17th September

Budleigh Literary Festival Talks: Tuesday 17th (Emma Richardson) and Wednesday 18th Sept (Tom McLaughlin)

Current home-learning expectations

Reading: The children are expected to read for at least 30 minutes daily by Year 5 – this makes a huge difference to everything we do at school. This is monitored, so please remember to log this in the reading logs which go home on the first day. If you can, making time to read to the children also has a positive impact on vocabulary acquisition and comprehension.

Maths: The children all have TT Rockstars accounts, which is a great way of embedding their times tables knowledge and maths reflexes. 30 minutes maximum a week on this game will keep this area of their learning strong and will positively impact their maths in class.

Written Homework: This year the children will be sent home some writing tasks to complete independently. These will be read by the class teacher and occasionally read to the rest of the class. The nature of the task will change each week, but it may include writing stories, taking notes from online information, completing a diary entry, or completing an extended project over several weeks. Use of a computer is acceptable for these tasks, but it would also be good to reinforce quality handwriting from home too.

Any other information?

Office Hours: Mr D’Souza is available after school on Mondays and Wednesdays, 3:45-4:45, if you would like to drop in for a quick chat about anything at all. Please try to drop by at least once every 6-8 weeks if you can, even if it’s just to touch base!

Thank You: I look forward to seeing you all and would like to thank you in advance for all that you do – it makes a huge difference, and you are very much appreciated for it.

Take care,

Mr Richard D’Souza

St Peter's C of E Primary School

Moor Lane, Budleigh Salterton, Devon EX9 6QF

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