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We are fundraising to have a school library!

St Peter’s School Library Campaign

We are in desperate need of a school library and intervention space.


St Peter’s Church of England school in Budleigh Salterton is looking to convert the old ‘Carousel’ nursery building, based in the school grounds, into a much needed library and intervention space.

The school is having to raise £40,000 urgently to refurnish the building as well as improve the electrics, heating and layout, so the children can have access to books and educational materials, as well as a quiet space for staff and pupils to meet, away from the classrooms.

Steve Hitchcock, Headmaster of the school said: “Due to the pressures on space, we have been without a library for some time – and now we have the opportunity to provide a great space for not just the school but for the whole community’s use, for clubs, meetings room or just to use as a library. However, the timescales and financial implications are fairly high, and education budgets are continually being squeezed – so we are going to need help from external organisations and the local community if we are to get the building fit for purpose before September 2017, the beginning of the next school year.”

The school is starting the ‘St Peter’s School Library Campaign’ to help raise the funds, and the campaign which starts today, will involve:

  • Applying to local organisations and charities for funding
  • Local community events including the Summer Fayre and quiz nights
  • A charity crowdfunding campaign to invite people from the school and the local community to support the build

Mr Hitchcock continued: “The crowdfunding site will recognise the contributions of individuals and organisations in a number of ways, for example £5 will buy you a book in your honour, £10 will buy a pot of paint, and £20 will buy some cables and so on.  We hope that everyone in the area can feel a part of creating a space that will be enjoyed by local children for decades to come.”

How can you help?


We are crowd funding – so if you want to make a personal donation here is what to do:  Visit https://mydonate.bt.com/charities/stpeterspta and pledge an amount.

We would like to recognise your generosity in the following way:

£5 x 200 Buy a book!

Our new library will need exciting, informative and interesting books for our bookshelves! Donate £5 and know that you have contributed to making reading fun!

£10 x 20 – Paint!

£10 will buy a tin of paint to decorate our library and make it a stimulating welcoming space

£20 x 100- Cables!

£20 will make us safe and get us online! Your donation will buy 5 metres of cabling for computer networks, wi-fi, burglar alarm and infrastructure work

£50 x20 – Furniture!

£50 will buy appealing comfortable furniture to make our library a cosy place to read, learn and spend time

£100 x20 Warmth!

£100 will make our library warm! Your donation will go towards much needed pipes and heating

£500 x8 Name a bookcase!

£500 will pay for a plaque with your individual or company name which will name one of our bookcases

£2,500 x3  – Name a room!

One of our new intervention rooms will be named after you or your business.

£15,000 – Name the library!

The library will be named in your honour and you will have the privilege of opening the library and cutting the ribbon!



Businesses can support in the same way as individuals. In addition, we have the following options for you to choose from:

£50 – a one-off advert in the school newsletter (sent to approx 300 Budleigh families and broadcast on our Facebook and Twitter page)

£100 – your logo/small advert will be added to our home-school diaries for the next school year. These are used every day by the children and families at our school (300 children).

£500 – as above, but a whole page advert.

End of year celebration

End of year report to pupils and parents – July 2016

Dear Parents,


I know that you’ve been (hopefully) well informed of what’s been happening in the school. However, I am a big believer that you should celebrate successes, so we have collated a summary of the achievements from this year.  I’ve centred them around our motto of ‘Growing together in mind, body and spirit’ as this is the essence and ethos of our lovely school.


We are very proud of our pupils. They have worked hard, been engaged in their learning and have enjoyed school.

  • They are also incredibly kind and caring children, who have made an effort to support people and animals who are less fortunate than themselves – they want to make a difference! We have raised a lot of money each term for charities such as Devon Refugees, RD&E Hospital, CLIC, and Oxfam.
  • The expectations have risen at the school. I hope you have noticed significant growth in your child this year in terms of improved progress and attitudes (despite the new levels and tougher expectations of the new curriculum).  Please look in their books to see the improved standards, or at the class scrapbooks for a log of their learning.
  • We’ve grown in number. We have had an enormous amount of new children who have  joined the school this year. In September we will have 265 pupils – which means nearly 50 children have joined this year: a reflection of our growing popularity!
  • We’ve maintained a breadth of curriculum despite the lack of time to fit in all the literacy and numeracy objectives.
    • Our unique St Peter’s curriculum makes learning fun!
    • Topics have been brought to life with lots of visits, trips and experiences – nearly 50 for the year!
    • We learn about our history, geography and science through our locality, which means our children have a growing appreciation of our wonderful community.
  • 20151106_140853We ‘liberated’ pupils and teachers from the afternoon drudgery of worksheets and videos. Instead, our topic scrapbooks show the playful, engaging and hands-on learning that the children have been doing instead.
  • We’ve encouraged children to work together more. All staff received training to ensure there is a lot of collaboration in lessons.
  • We have worked with teachers so that pupils are given clear ‘success criteria’ and marking ladders in their lessons. This also helps them to self-assess and take ownership of their learning.
  • Pupils are much better at trying new things: making mistakes and not giving up! This is our ‘growth mindset’.
  • We’ve had a massive push on handwriting – which has had a dramatic effect on standards. Thanks to parents for helping with this, especially the early development, where they need to develop gross and fine motor skills.
  • We have developed our children’s understanding in maths – helping the children making connections using maths resources.
  • We’ve been working on the quality in our books. We mark our books to show: success, and ‘not there yet’ – giving more verbal feedback and steps for improvement.
  • It has been a hugely successful year for sport.
    • Nearly every class teacher has worked with Mrs Kilburn to develop high-quality PE lessons.
    • We have lots of sports clubs!
    • And in competition we have excelled, winning the East Devon Tennis trophy,  the East Devon Rounders trophy, East Devon Aquathon, East Devon Cycling Trophy and winning East Devon medals in Y5/6 Quad Kids as well a medal at the Stockland Cross Country and winning many girl and boy football matches.  We reached the Devon School Games finals, the pinnacle of Primary School Sport,  in three different sports which is a new record for the school!
    • We also had an outstanding Sports Day, illustrating inclusive and competitive sports. Nursery children competed in a triathlon.
    • We also have some very talented children who are elite performers in rugby, cricket, tennis and football.
    • The gala week fun run was well attended by St Peter’s children!
    • We secured a cricket coach to work with some KS2 children this term.
    • Some pupils have accessed additional PE provision with Mrs Kilburn or as part of ‘Fun Fit’ sessions.IMG_0120
  • It has been a hugely successful year for music too!
    • We are still at the centre of the Otter Music Collective hub. Many of our children play in this group along with children from other local schools. The Devon Music Education Hub awarded us a grant for the Otter Music Collective of £3000 following our bid for funding in April.
    • We have massively increased the amount and range of peripatetic music teaching in the school – children can have lessons in singing, drumming, woodwind, strings, guitar, brass, keyboard and piano. We’ve gone from 20 to almost  60 children having  individual music lessons – almost a  300% increase!
    • Mrs Lewis and Mr Moger- Taylor have led music brilliantly.  We have a two year rolling music programme in place – which is unique to our school. Children in KS2 have a specialist music lesson each week. The children learn around six instruments over the course of  KS2 as part of their Wider Opportunities music provision. All the children also have a singing session each week on Thursday at the end of the day.
    • There have been increased musical opportunities, including our fantastic ‘Musical Mayhem’ concert at the end of the Spring Term, performances at care homes such as Bay Court, at the Devon County Show, local festivals and collaborations with Lympstone and Lady Sewards as well as a number of after school music clubs..
    • Song Leaders were trained as part  the ‘Singing Playgrounds’ project.
    • Mrs Broad and Mrs Parker represented the school at a prestigious music event in London.
  • We’ve held20160614_091733 our successful residentials to London, Escot and a sleepover at the school.
  • Children have benefitted from the Exeter University enrichment activities.
  • Our ECO council has been campaigning for recycling.
  • Mrs Moore has provided lots of social and life skills each term, including the Fire Safety, Friendship, Police, Fireworks, Online Safety, RNLI, Sex and Relationships education, and Healthy Eating.
  • We have continued to hold celebrations of achievements, and to use the school website and celebration assembly to highlight successes. The children are very motivated by team points and Headteacher stickers!
  • Mrs Cawthera has provided lots of support to parents and children with emotional needs.  
  • All children received training on how to stay ‘safe, strong and free’ through Devon CAP.
  • Our school meals have continued to improve thanks to feedback from parents and pupils. The take-up over the year has increased.
  • There is a strong programme of transition events into Exmouth Community College.
  • Helen Manchester has been running forest school provision for some Reception children.
  • Our Science Garden is regularly used by all the children – and visiting schools.
  • We have strengthened our links with the Church and developed our spirituality.
    • The 40 Acts for Lent showed what good Christian citizens we have.
    • Children have also completed many individual acts of kindness for tolerance. We are creating activists of the future – who will have the courage to make change.
    • The children have represented us well in church services (Women’s Day of Prayer, Celebrate Together).
    • We changed the format of Celebrate Together services, to make them more engaging.
    • We’ve had many ‘Faith days’ – including visits from the University of Exeter Islamic Society, Exeter Buddhist Society, and Christian clergy visits.
    • We developed a prayer space in each class.
    • We had a visit from Bishop Sarah Mullally.
    • The school and church meet regularly to work together.
    • We have built on and embedded our daily worship practices, which are now more collaborative – with children having a greater input.
    • The Christmas productions and performances were a delight!
  • The Year 5 and 6 production of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ at the Barnfield theatre was unbelievable! So professional for a group of 9, 10 and 11 year olds – really entertaining.IMG_4966


  • We’ve worked hard to grow together with parents. I hope you feel our engagement with you has increased and has been more purposeful. We’ve made teachers more accessible, worked on our communication and tried to make home learning more manageable. We’ve also used Tapestry for our children in the Foundation Stage, so parents can upload their own assessments. We’ve held family fun days and invited parents in to take part in learning – and to sometimes lead it! The mystery reader has been very popular.
  • There has been brilliant attendance at parent events – helping parents’ minds to grow! We’ve tried to give you a better understanding about how your child learns, and the language we use.  We would like to say a big thank you to parents for contributing to your child’s success.
  • Our huge army of volunteers has grown. They give invaluable help across the school – thank you to you all!
  • We have grown our links with other schools. Most important in this is our membership of the Devon Primary SCITT (the number one teacher-training course in the Country). Not only are we growing new teachers, like the wonderful Miss Gray and Mr Murray, but we also benefit from working with other high-calibre schools.
  • We have been growing the partnerships within our own community, such as: the Fairlynch Museum (which nearly every child has attended!), the Church, BUDFAS, Clinton Devon Estates, Budleigh Forest School, the Riding School, Budleigh Library, Simon Green (stone art)….and many more!
  • Th20160311_145924e PTA have – somehow – built on the quality events from last year to provide us with more fun events, fundraising and socials for the school. They are fabulous – thank you to you all!
  • www.tree.vision has been born thanks to the commitment and passion of our parents!


  • The school premises have continued to develop thanks to the work of Mr Force, Mrs Stone and Mr Tee. We have a fabulous new classroom block.
  • We also thanked the Warm Wish group for fundraising for our amazing new swimming pool facility.  This is an wonderful facility for the school.


  • The new members of staff: Mrs Stone, Mrs Fuller, Miss Acres and Miss Pritchard have added strength to our school.
  • We have been growing the expertise of our staff. We regularly provide them with coaching and collaboration time. We have created an ethos of reflection time for staff – time where they can ‘stop and think’ about the impact of their teaching, so they make the best choices for our children.
  • We have had specific training on:
  • Formative assessment (using what your child already knows to inform teaching);
  • Maths reasoning and making connections;
  • Spelling;
  • Handwriting;
  • Grammar;
  • Reading;
  • Moderation of the new curriculum.
  • And with all the stresses in education at the moment we have been doing our best to look after them all!IMG_5601

Next year our main aims are to continue to develop:

  • Teaching;
  • Leadership;
  • Maths, including children’s reasoning skills;
  • Literacy, including a love of reading for all pupils;
  • Support staff;
  • Our unique St Peter’s curriculum;
  • Our PE specialism;
  • Our  Music specialism.

Thanks again for all your support this year. We are so lucky to have a fantastic school community at our school. Remember you can feedback on this academic year at http://goo.gl/forms/kpIUBXx02O1iKxK03

Have a happy and restful Summer!

From the St Peter’s Team.

HT award video

Well done to this chap – a super invention and explanation. I wonder what he will make next?



Awards this week


For super research.


For excellent writing.


For super writing - in reception!


For superb art work - very careful!


For super RE work.


Achieving 'reader' status at Church.


For super letter work.


GOLD for writing!!!!


For maths work.


For excellent manners.


For maths practice.


For great geometry work.


Rugby girls


For grammar attainment.


For doubling grammar scores.


For super hand writing.


For great reading....AND spelling!!


For their design efforts!


Stars of the week


Sports awards

Balloons - amazing amount raised!

We had such a fun and amazing time raising money for Balloons last term.

I want to start by thanking Lorraine, Matthew, Hannah, William, Kevin Hill and Leigh Extence for helping and supporting. We held the penalty shootout in memory of Chris Ralph (below with Lorraine, Hannah and Matthew) – a fitting tribute.

Secondly, can I thank EVERYONE for their incredible generosity in giving towards this important charity. I expected we could raise around £500, put we have massively exceeded that!!

We raised over £2,600!!! AMAZING!!

Thank you to Exeter City and Torquay United for your generous donations,.

And lastly, thank you to Balloons for supporting us, both with prizes for the children and support for bereaved families. If you ever need their support, you can visit their website or speak to us.
Thank you all once again! Here are some pictures from the day.

Here are the prize winners.


Congratulations to Jude, Hannah, Matthew, Oscar, Alex, Jacob and Riley for being the top fund raisers!

Awards this week


Budleigh bake-off winners!!


GOLD for maths improvement


AMAZING improved maths scores


Fantastic project work


Great project work


GOLD project work


Super writer


Great maths


Great maths


Super work

Awards this week


Super speller


Super spellers


Super writing


Super learners!


For good learning


Great maths progress


GOLD for amazing Indian home learning.


GOLD for AMAZING maths progress.


Super spellers!


Super spellers.


Super writers!

Balloons football SILENT AUCTION

We’ve got some exciting football goodies to auction! All money will go towards Balloons – the bereavement charity that we are supporting this term.

Click the link below for more details. You can also leave a donation! Click here:


What goodies do we have?

  • A signed Torquay United kit – adult.
  • A signed Torquay United football.
  • Two match-day tickets to see Torquay play at Plainmoor. You can choose any game before the end of the season.
  • An Exeter City goalkeeper kit (adult), signed by their goalkeepers.
  • An Exeter City football.

Thanks to both clubs for their generosity, and Leigh and Lorraine for sourcing the gifts.

How do I bid?

You need to let us know your name, contact details, which item you are bidding for, and your highest bid. Choose one these ways:

  • email head@sps1.org.uk
  • Contact the school office in person or by phone on 01395 443167.
  • Leave a bid on Tuesday 28th March. We will display the gifts and some forms on the playground.

Any bids submitted will be kept strictly confidential. On Friday 21st April, at midday, the auction will end, and the highest bidder will win.


Awards this week


For super play leading.


For superb reading.


For excellent kindness to others.

for excellent learning in Maths..jpg

For good learning.


3rd at Stockland!


Stockland boys


For super writing


Great writers!


Excellent home learning


GOLD for fabulous fractions song.


For super learning


Sports awards


Space week winners


Super learner


Stars of the week

Jamie HT award for artwork at home.jpg

Jamie HT award for artwork at home.jpg

Year 6 fraction song

Gold award for this amazing effort! Well done girls!

Sycamore Class perform to the residents of Baycourt

Pupils from Sycamore Class gave an outstanding Musical Performance at Baycourt Residential Home on Wednesday Afternoon. The performance included some original songs, Sea Shanties, Familiar Songs for the Residents and to conclude the concert – a Hebrew Round.
In addition to  singing, some of the pupils played guitars, ukulele and a violin.
The pupils not only performed well but it was mentioned on more than one occasion how well  behaved and organised they were.
So well done Sycamore Class everyone was really proud of you!
Thank you to our volunteers who helped walk the children down to and back from Baycourt and also a big thank you to Miss Pritchard and Mr Moger-Taylor.
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